Town Council

Town Council (from left)Mayor Pro-Tem  John Marta, Tom Wills, Jim Roberts, Mayor Wendell Koontz, Deputy Clerk Ginger Redden, Pat Medina, Lindee Cantrell and Mary Hockenbery.

The Town Board consists of the Mayor and six Trustees. All  positions are Elected Positions, unless there are not enough candidate(s) to fill the vacant position(s). The Board of Trustees will then appoint a Trustee from a qualifying citizen from within the Town of Hotchkiss to sit on the Board until the next regular election.

The Town’s Legal Representative is:

  • Bo James Nerlin

  Council Members are:                                             

Mayor Wendell Koontz                                                

Term April 2010 – April 2018                                    

Mayor Pro-Tem John Marta

Term Term April 2016 -April 2020

Trustee Lindee Cantrell

Term April 2012 – April 2018

Trustee James Roberts

Term April 2012 – April 2020

Trustee Tom Wills

Term April 2014 – April 2018

Trustee Mary Hockenbery

Term April 2016 -April 2018

Trustee Pat Medina

Term Oct. 2017 – April 2018