Marshal’s Office


Hotchkiss Marshal’s Office

276 W Main St. – PO Box 369

Hotchkiss, Colorado 81419

(970) 872-3848

To contact the on Duty Officer please call (970) 874-2015. If you have an Emergency Please call 911

The Marshal’s Office employs two full time Deputies along with the Marshal, Daniel Miller.  Our Staff at the Marshal’s Office covers the Town 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Department’s Mission Statement:

Our Mission Statement.

Home or Business Security Checks:

Are you leaving Town for an extended period, or are you hosting an event where you would like us to  add you to our extra patrol? Please feel free to fill out our Home/Business Security Check so that we may help keep your property safe.

Lock Boxes:

When lives, safety and property matter, a secure lock box can make the difference.  In case of an emergency in your home or business, the Marshal’s Office and the Hotchkiss Fire Department  has joined together in offering information where you can purchase a secure lock box for your business or home. When an emergency occurs this will give us access to your property without causing any damage to your doors or windows. This is ideal for the elderly who may need medical assistance and cannot open their door.  If you are interested in this security device, please contact the Marshal’s Office or the Hotchkiss Fire Department for further information.


The Marshal’s Office does only VIN Inspections, we are not at this time able to do Certified VINs.

 Motor Vehicle Accidents:

Were you involved in a motor vehicle accident within the Town? If so, you  can get a copy of your accident report at Report Beam.

Ride-A-Along Program:

The Marshal’s Office has a ride-a-along program that allows citizens to ride with an Officer while he is on duty. If you are interested in doing a ride-a-along, you must come into the Marshal’s Office and fill out paperwork and be willing to have an extensive background done prior to riding.  You cannot have been convicted of a Felony or a Misdemeanor and you must sign a waiver in order to ride.

Neighborhood Watch Program:

The Marshal’s Office  has implemented, and invites our citizens to become part of our Neighborhood Watch Program. Deputy Chris McDonald is currently in charge of this program and he is scheduling monthly meetings with all of those interested in becoming a part of their Neighborhood to promote a safer and better community.



Crime Stoppers:


Help protect your community, be a Crime Stopper!




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