Marshal’s Office Staff

Marshal Daniel Miller along with his two Deputies, Chad Lloyd and Gates Shaklee, cover the Town of Hotchkiss enforcing Federal, State, Wildlife, Municipal Laws and State and Model Traffic Codes. On an average, the Marshal’s Office responds to and logs in more than 1400 written incidents a year. All of  the Marshal’s Officers are POST Certified Law Enforcement Officers receiving  a minimum of 40 hours of training each year. The Marshal’s Office works with all of the State, County and local Municipal  Law Enforcement Agencies in the North Fork Valley and throughout the State. The Marshal’s Office assists whenever needed or requested by Fire and Medical Agencies in the North Fork Valley. All the Marshal’s Officers have been trained in Incident Command Systems through FEMA and the Hotchkiss Fire Department.

The Marshal’s Office also has a Reserve Deputy Program that currently is staffed by 2 Reserve Deputy Marshals. Reserves are un-paid law enforcement officers who have gone through or are currently going through the same training as a full time paid officer. The Marshal’s Office uses this program to help those officers who are looking to become full time officers, to train them and to keep their POST certifications active.  As an added benefit, by training Reserve Officers, the Deputy who is training the Reserve must be able to answer all questions and be able to teach Policies, Laws, Communications, etc. This makes the training Deputy a better skilled Officer. The Department benefits in having better skilled Deputies along with the benefit of having extra help the Reserves bring with them. Currently 2 Reserve Officers fills the capacity of our Reserve Program.

Marshal Miller

Marshal Daniel Miller


 Marshal Miller is responsible for the over all operations of the Marshal’s Office. His duties involve Patrolling the Town, Supervising the Deputies and Reserve Deputies, budgeting for the Department, implementing Department Policies & Procedures and Civic Programs. He is also responsible for Emergency Disaster Preparedness planning for the Town along with the rest of the Town’s adminstrative staff and the day to day operations of the Marshal’s Office.  Marshal Miller also prepares Municipal Court cases  for the monthly Municipal Court.



Deputy Chad Lloyd

Deputy Chad Lloyd


Deputy Corporal Lloyd’s primary duties involve Patrolling Town and being the Evidence Custodian for the Department. If you have had an incident where we may have taken evidence from you and the case has been closed, contact Deputy Lloyd to see  if your property can be returned to you.  Deputy Lloyd also enjoys being our Santa Clause that the Marshal’s Office puts on in conjunction with the Hotchkiss Fire Department every December. Deputy Lloyd was promoted to Deputy II in January 2014.




Reserve Deputy McDoanld

Deputy Christepher McDoanld



Deputy McDonald was appointed as a full time officer  on January 13th, 2017 to fulfill a vacancy. Deputy McDonald had served with the Hotchkiss Marshal’s Office for over three years as a reserve officer, until his appointment.  He attended the Montrose-Delta Police Academy in 2013 earning his Basic POST Certification in August of that year. After graduating form the Academy he was appointed as a reserve officer in January 2014 for the Hotchkiss Marshal’s Office.