Trustee Mary Hockenbery

Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Hockenberry

Mary Hockenbery was elected to the Hotchkiss Board of Trustees in April 2016. Her current term runs until April 2022.

She was employed by the Santa Cruz County Parks Department from 1989 to 1999. She served on the City of Santa Cruz Arts Commission from 1994 until 1998. Hockenbery served on the Embudo Valley Library Board.

She formerly served on the Town of Hotchkiss Planning Commission.

Hockenbery has served with the Hotchkiss Community Chamber of Commerce Board. She volunteers with Hotchkiss Downtown Improvement and the Downtown Flower Project.

The State of Colorado has certified Hockenbery as a Colorado Change Leader.

Hockenbery is a self employed artist and owns the Church of Art in Hotchkiss.

She and her husband Touffic Haddad have four children and seven grandchildren.

“I love my family, photography, gardening and collecting at yard sales.”

To contact Mayor Pro-Tem Hockenbery, send an email to and put her name in the subject.

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