Hotchkiss Marshal’s Office & NFAA deliver Christmas gifts

Hotchkiss Marshal’s Office & North Fork Ambulance deliver Christmas gifts Dec. 21.

Santa Claus had lots of help from the Hotchkiss Marshal’s Office and the North Fork

Ambulance in making sure eight Hotchkiss families will have a very Merry Christmas

for 2018. Delivering Santa’s gifts are Deputy Marshals Glenn Steil and James McArtor,

NFAA EMTs Dave Gallob, Joe Applegate, Drew Felix, Cindy Felix, Steve Simpson,

Edgar Dyer and Tanya Applegate. Sargent Chad Lloyd said other families had already

picked up their bag of goodies from town hall. Lloyd said, “A lot of people are excited to

see us do this for the community.”

Hotchkiss Marshal Dan Miller coordinates this annual event working with

local businesses, citizens and organizations to make sure Christmas is merry and bright

for everyone.  Members of the community held events to raise money and collect toys.

Town Clerk Marlene Searle and Deputy Town Clerk bought the gifts, wrapped presents

and assembled the bags.

A huge thank you to everyone who made this year’s event so successful.