State Awards Hotchkiss On Excellent Water System

Hotchkiss Public Works wins Water Fluoridation Quality Award.

The State of Colorado presented the 2016 Award For Excellence for outstanding performance in water fluoridation to the Hotchkiss Public Works Department.


The Oral Health Unit (OHU) at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) recognized The Town of Hotchkiss Public Works Department for the 2016 CDC Water Fluoridation Quality Award and the 2016 Colorado Award for Excellence. The town’s water system was one of 14 across the state who received the CDC Quality Award and one of 27 water systems who received the Colorado Excellence Award.

The current U.S. Public Health Service recommendation for optimally fluoridated water is 07 mg/L. A water treatment plant is considered to be providing optimally fluoridated water when daily levels are maintained between 0.6 mg/L and 0.9 mg/L for 75% of the month. Fluoridating systems must also submit monthly reports to  the OHU and monthly samples to the State Laboratory to be considered for providing optimally fluoridated water.

Community water fluoridation provides a public health benefit that can be accessed by every member of the Hotchkiss community. Community water fluoridation is:

  • Safe – At optimal levels, there is no scientifically peer-reviewed credible evidence of a link between fluoride and any adverse health effects. Over 100 reputable organizations support CWF including the American Medical Association, American Pediatrics Association, the American Water Works Association and many more.
  • Beneficial – Fluoridation prevents at least 25% of tooth decay in children and adults throughout their lifespan.
  • Cost effective – Numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies clearly demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of this important public health initiative. Communities that invest $1 per person per year in optimally fluoridated water save their population approximately $32 per person per year in averted dental costs. This equates to approximately $35,840 for the community.